Did HTC blow up too? Official response: Unexpected events

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Since last year’s Samsung Note7 bombing, many people have been concerned about cell phone battery security, and at this juncture, HTC has also had a battery explosion accident.
This incident happened in France. French lady Nidhi Kapoor on Facebook, said on the real name, January 17 this year bought an HTC 10, the phone exploded on June 21, resulting in severe burns of fingers and palms, eyes are infected, not normal work, daily life is difficult.The post is also accompanied by a picture of the hand-wrapped bandage.

Did HTC blow up too? Official response: Unexpected events

Did HTC blow up too? Official response: Unexpected events

After a week of this, HTC still has no response, just asking for a user’s email address and phone IMEI code. HTC’s approach, which has caused widespread dissatisfaction among users, has expressed the hope that HTC can give a statement.
HTC finally gave a response. HTC’s products will not cause cell phone explosions due to battery factors, and the cases received in the past 6 years have been caused by improper external forces, the official said.
HTC has U11 back into the public eye this year, but the bombing has clouded the brand, hoping that HTC will find out the truth and protect the interests of consumers as soon as possible.

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