HTC’s official warm-up supports wireless charging/black technology

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HTC's official warm-up supports wireless charging/black technology

HTC’s official warm-up supports wireless charging/black technology

Today, HTC officially released a poster to start a formal warm-up for new products. And this poster seems to be hidden, the information is huge. Judging from the poster, the machine does use back fingerprint recognition, this is no different from the previous photo of the Ministry of Communication Network, it is worth noting that the poster on the back of the cell phone on the lower left of the curve, like a very wireless charging coil, so we are very confident that this time HTC’s new machine support wireless charging. HTC is worth a bit of praise. After all, old rivals Samsung has been supporting wireless charging for years, and Apple is starting to pick up the technology, and HTC is on the bandwagon this time.
In addition, the mobile phone is said to be pleasantly surprised, and did not use similar Samsung S8 of the full screen, but further, with the pace of Apple, directly remove the chin, Yan value can be exploded watch. Feel HTC finally heart A, put these years owed “intestinal powder” one-time back.
If the machine carries the Gaotong 835 processor, supplemented by 6GB/8GB storage, will be wireless charging, full screen, Android 8.0 and so on a series of Android flagship standard all use, and then an amazing price, to HTC brand, this machine will definitely sell, HTC’s turnaround may break, and so on HTC November 2 Taipei gave us the answer.

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