Watch 3D Video preferred HTC EVO 3D

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Watch 3D Video preferred HTC EVO 3D

Watch 3D Video preferred HTC EVO 3DHTC EVO 3DHTC EVO 3D

HTC EVO 3D is HTC’s first 3D smartphone, its name is HTC G17, supporting the naked eye 3D video viewing, unique display effect brings stunning visual impact, especially in the game aspect of the 3D effect is more amazing, interested friends can understand.
HTC EVO 3D has a straight touch control modelling, the overall fuselage gives the person feel fashionable concise. A lot of people think its shooting buttons and the design behind the camera are doing well. with a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen on its front, the resolution is QHD-level 540×960 pixels, showing clear and delicate results. The machine behind the independent dual-camera, can support the 3D effect of 720P video recording function, as well as 1080P ordinary video recording, the overall shooting ability is particularly powerful. The HTC EVO 3D carries an Android 2.3 smart operating system, with a 1.2GHz High throughput MSM8660 dual-core processor, with other overall configuration, the overall control is very good.
The HTC EVO 3D is equipped with two 5 million-megapixel cameras that can take the bare-eye 3D video and also carry a high-end dual-core processor with a strong overall function. The world’s first dual-core processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon msm8x60, each with a core frequency of 1.2GHz, is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon third-generation products, using 45nm process MSM8260 and MSM8660. The only difference between the two processors is that MSM8660 more than MSM8260 support CDMA network, interested friends can contact with merchants.

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