HTC U Ultra Vice screen how to play

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HTC U Ultra in the screen state, pick up the phone or double-click the secondary screen, the secondary screen will automatically light, showing the date, weather, temperature, notice, time, electricity, memo, etc. without lighting the main screen can be mute, wifi connection, Bluetooth, flashlight, camera and other operations.

HTC U Ultra Vice screen how to play

HTC U Ultra Vice screen how to play

When the main screen is lit, the secondary screen can display real-time weather, apply shortcut keys, commonly used contacts, and so on, the secondary screen and integration of the status bar function, when the user plays the mobile phone has information or notice, will be displayed in the secondary screen. Users can directly through the secondary screen for commonly used settings to switch, when the notification, you can also through the Secondary Screen Direct Message page, the operation steps have been greatly streamlined. Vice-screen operation is simple, left and right to realize the switch of information, click the corresponding icon or message can enter the application page, long by the application icon can be implemented to delete and replace.
When the screen is cut, the secondary screen will not be included in the screenshot. QQ, micro-mail, etc. after receiving the message will be displayed on the screen, playing the game Full-screen screen will be extinguished, received the message will be lit, greatly avoiding the occurrence of the wrong touch.
Hardware aspect Although the Xiao 835 processor is on sale but there is still some time to sell the large area so here HTC still uses Xiao Dragon 821 processor, plus the 2K screen UI is closer to the native system, although a bit does not use the Google family bucket, but the fluency does have the assurance.
Said so many advantages to say a little bit more, or hope HTC in the future update, can develop more on the side of the small screen function. In addition to the sapphire glass version of the phone we are about to get, then we will be brutal and violent way to test the hardness of the sapphire screen, please look forward to it.

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