HTC U11 World First Crush distressed this user a second

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HTC U11, the new flagship for HTC this year, has shown HTC’s innovative strength by making the latest interactive approach to side extrusion. This HTC U11 continues the U-series double sided glass plus metal frame design, rounded fuselage with streamer overflow color, Yan value is really high. But while carrying the gorilla Big Five Dynasties glass, recently a Taiwanese user has ushered in the world’s first crush.

HTC U11 World First Crush distressed this user a second

HTC U11 World First Crush distressed this user a second

The user posted in the HTC forum that its HTC U11 was just “tapped” by the skin and became the image. Then customer service also confirmed that he was the first screen rupture case, distressed him for a second. We can see that the fragmentation is located in the handset position, in a scattering shape, the handset part of the glass through the opening of natural strength will be worse. The user is also unlucky and is not sure how much it will cost to replace the screen.
The use of glass in mobile phones has been common, and Corning Gorilla has become a representative of the mobile phone reinforced glass. But the glass even after strengthening, the essence is still glass, everyone in order to use the value of the time still need to be careful!

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