HTC internal PPT Outflow u11+ new color exposure

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HTC u11+ has been on sale for a long time and many friends have got the phone in the first place. As we all know, this phone in addition to ultra-high configuration, the most attractive is its appearance, especially translucent design, personality and without losing connotation, by many people’s favor.

HTC internal PPT Outflow u11+ new color exposure

HTC internal PPT Outflow u11+ new color exposure

Recently burst the material big God also burst the material, an HTC internal PPT outflow, from the PPT we can see, HTC will launch for u11+ a brand-new color, is a kind of gold. HTC has launched a gold-colored mobile phone before, but the overall market response is less than expected, and with the u11+, HTC again launched the golden color of the mobile phone, it seems to be to please more consumers, after all, the market this year, the gold color of the handset is less, but there is also news that Apple will soon launch “Blush Gold” Version of the iphone X, it seems that this is a game between the old opponents.
HTC U11+ is HTC’s first full screen handset, removing the much-maligned jaw that has been criticized for a long time, the use of the most popular double glass design, the overall value and configuration are very high, of course, the price of 4999 yuan is not low, it is not known this new color u11+ true machine Yan value and price, there should be surprises.

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