HTC U11 plus HD render map familiar “Ham sausage”

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HTC U11 plus HD render map familiar "Ham sausage"

HTC U11 plus HD render map familiar “Ham sausage”

Recently, the news about HTC has been constant, and most of it is good news, such as HTC’s money, new machines and so on. HTC has issued a formal invitation to various media, the new U-series machine will be released in Taipei on November 2, which should be the legendary U11 Plus. On the eve of the release, the foreign explosion of the big God burst a few of the machine’s HD rendering and some configuration parameters, we look at:
The front of the machine with a comprehensive screen design, very concise, front and rear camera should be proud of the HTC UltraPixel Lens, the first pixel 700w, after the single camera for 1100w, do not know why HTC this dual-camera pioneer to give up the first two cameras?
The machine’s fingerprint is placed on the back of the fuselage, and the back of the fuselage is the same as the U11 of the same bright surface glass material, full of texture, the border also supports the squeeze interaction.

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