HTC U11 plus surprise ancestral chin gone?

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Some days ago, HTC U11 Plus of the Ministry of Public access to the network, the positive look is still very harmonious, fingerprint identification was placed in the fuselage back, there are netizens spit trough, if this new machine or ancestral big chin, HTC fully have the strength of the body in the front of the fingerprint identification. But this time HTC may surprise us.

HTC U11 plus surprise ancestral chin gone?

HTC U11 plus surprise ancestral chin gone?

A netizen will be the Ministry of the picture of the color analysis, the result is shocking, from the color after the picture, the HTC’s new machine unexpectedly have no chin. The value is very high, the fuselage lower body and the iphone x design the same, while the upper part of the forehead integrated camera and all kinds of sensors, looks like the iphone x more pleasing to the eye, many netizens back in the year, and HTC called the most beautiful HTC mobile phone.
Of course, before the new machine is officially unveiled, this is also a good speculation, also does not rule out the user’s goodwill Ps. HTC’s recent big actions seem to have seen hope for “intestinal powder”, and in the full screen era, the new machine can be said to take on the role of HTC’s revival, it is very important to HTC, I do not know this time HTC can bet on success, to draw a game?

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